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【2019-02-20】Basic Safety Requirements for Scaffolding Construction

1. The erection, maintenance and dismantling of scaffolding shall be carried out at altitudes above 2m, and the safety regulations for operation at altitudes shall be strictly enforced. 2. Operators engaged in the erection, maintenance and demolition of scaffolding must be familiar with the basic technical knowledge of scaffolding and be on duty with a certificate. 3. The erection, maintenance and demolition of scaffolding should be avoided at night as far as possible. If it is necessary to work at night, sufficient lighting should be provided at the scene, and the height of scaffolding erected at night should not exceed the operating standard of level 2 (below 15m). 4. For large scaffolds over 25 meters, suspended scaffolds and scaffolds with special safety requirements, the responsible person system shall be implemented. Each scaffold shall be equipped with a special responsible person who shall be responsible for routine inspection and maintenance to prevent human damage. 5. Scaffolding and demolition should be stopped when there are strong winds, heavy rain, snow and fog above grade 6. 6. When scaffolding is erected or dismantled, fences and warning signs shall be set on the ground, and special guards shall be sent to guard against non-workers entering. 7. No excavation shall be carried out on the scaffolding foundation and its adjacent areas. 8. Personnel working on scaffolding must wear safety helmet, safety belt and anti-skid shoes, and work after drinking is strictly prohibited. 9. According to the specific environment of the scene, set up striking safety signs and signal flags (lights) on the outside and top of the scaffolding to prevent the passing vehicles and cranes from colliding with the scaffolding in operation. 10. When using the soft ladder to construct in the two equipments, the necessary falling measures should be taken, and special guardianship should be provided.

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