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Ringlock Scaffold

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Ringlock Scaffold
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Ringlock Scaffold

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Ringlock Scaffold
We are Hebei Huize Construction Equipment Leasing Co.,Ltd,we have our own factory named Renqiu Shunxing Scaffold Factory established in 2008,which is located in the scenic Baiyangdian Pearl of North China - Yanggezhuang Industrial Zone, Renqiu City, Hebei Province.
With the development of the company, a professional team of R&D, manufacturing, sales and leasing of construction machinery and scaffolding has been formed. The main products are ring lock scaffolding,disc-type scaffolding, LDJ wheel-type scaffolding, WDJ bowl button type, slot-type scaffolding, adjustable screw, steel bracket, fasteners and other products. Products are widely used in building high-rise buildings, bridges, subways, tunnels, power stations and other large-scale construction facilities. Welcome cooperate with us!
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