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Accuracy requirements for lead screw

瀏覽:620次 發布日期:2019-02-23 字號:  
In order to obtain higher accuracy in the processing of lead screw, the following points should be considered in the process:
External circle and thread can be processed several times to gradually reduce the amount of cutting, thereby gradually reducing the cutting force and internal stress, reducing errors and improving the processing accuracy.
After each rough processing of the outer circle and thread, the aging treatment should be carried out in order to eliminate the internal stress. The higher the precision requirement of the lead screw, the more times of aging treatment.
After each aging treatment, the center hole or grinding center hole should be re-punched to stop the deformation caused by aging treatment, and the oxide skin should be removed so as to make the processing have reliable and accurate positioning base surface.
Straightening and heat treatment are the key processes to ensure the accuracy of the lead screw and prevent its bending and deformation. But straightening itself will produce internal stress, which is not conducive to high precision screw. Because the internal stress tends to disappear gradually, because the disappearance of the internal stress will cause the deformation of the lead screw, which affects the accuracy of the lead screw.
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